Smart polymer-based composite parts
IPC (centre technique industriel de la plasturgie et des composites)
  • Develop large smart composite parts.
  • Perform in-line control of the process parameters, including viscosity.
  • Perform in-mold control of the curing stage and pressure.

The pilot line consists of a 300T vertical press, with a platen size of 3,0 m x 2,5 m. A bi-component injection machine matching industrial standards and allowing for the manufacturing of composite parts with complex shapes and surfaces up to 3 m2 with an output of 24 parts/day. Most of the thermoset resins can be processed on this pilot line. This pilot line has been equipped with a set of sensors to be able to in-line monitor the status of the process, for regular and nano-enabled composite materials.  

Even if this pilot line fully complies with industrial standards, the uniqueness of this line is in its ability to monitor:

the process parameters: temperatures, flow rate, pressure at different locations, mixing ratio

the resin flow during the impregnation step, using a viscosity sensor and pressure measurements located in-mold

the resin cure stage thanks to a network of sensors placed in the tool.

This monitoring is of prime importance to deeply understand the process behaviour and also gives evidence for the quality of the produced part.

In addition, a unique know-how has been developed to design, manufacture and check “smart” structural composite parts made by the RTM process.

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